Finished Floor Cleaner, Lemon Scent, One Gallon Bottle

Finished Floor Cleaner, Lemon Scent, One Gallon Bottle

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Removes dirt while protecting finish on ceramic and vinyl tile, terrazzo, and varnished hardwood. Also use on walls, tables, countertops and restroom surfaces. No rinsing; leaves no dulling residue and minimizes yellowing. Low-sudsing formula is suitable for automatic floor scrubbing machines. Recommended dilution: manual (1:128), automatic machines (1:512). Application: Floor Cleaner/Degreaser; Applicable Material: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT); Solid Vinyl Tile (SVT); Linoleum; Sheet Vinyl; Laminates; Glass; Sealed Cement/Concrete; Ceramic Tile; Terra Cotta; Terrazzo; Quarry Tile; Dirt Types: Dust; Food Residue; Grease; Grime; Organic Matter; Soil; Scent: Lemon.

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