100% Cotton #10 Resume Envelope, 4 1/8 X 9 1/2, Ivory, 24lb, Wove, 50/box

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Trying to land the job is a full-time job, from tweaking your resume to networking, from career fairs to preparing for interviews. Through it all, you need to develop and tell the story of you. How you share that story matters, and the paper you choose to share it on is important. From the first moment to enduring memory, the cotton in Southworth Resume Paper adds a touch of class. Cotton paper makes first impressions more impressive with a distinct crispness and an unmistakable feel. Anyone picking up your resume will know before they even read a single word that thereåÕs something special to it. Be prepared to share your story at your next interview. Present your resume on Southworth and rise to the top of the stack. The perfect match when mailing Southworth 100% Cotton Resume Paper. Your resume package will make an immediate and lasting impression when mailed in a 100% cotton envelope.

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