100% Cotton Business Paper, 20lb, 95 Bright, 8 1/2 X 11, 500 Sheets

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Southworth 100% Cotton Business Paper conveys prestige with the unmistakable feel of 100% cotton fiber. The elegant texture, durability and color reproduction of cotton convey prestige for all your important documents. Perfect for presentations, reports, proposals, invoices, legal documents and more. Get personal with paper! Your choices say a lot about you and your business. The Southworth collection of business papers is among the truly finest papers available for professional offices of any size. Communicate in styleåÑfrom the first moment to enduring memory, cotton paper adds a touch of class, making first impressions more impressive with a distinct crispness and an unmistakable feel. Someone picking up your document will know, before they even read a single word, that thereåÕs something special to it. Cotton fiber also provides archival durabilityåÑitåÕs the reason so many historic documents are still with us even centuries later.

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