12 inch Direct Heat Foot Sealer w/ 15mm Seal

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12" Direct Heat Foot Sealer w/ 15mm Seal
Direct Heat Sealers

TEW Direct Heat Sealers seal many different types of thermoplastic materials including: coated aluminum foil, Kraft paper,


cellophane, polypropylene, poly-nylon, and other thicker materials.


Depending on the model of the sealer, material up to 16" wide and 20mil in total thickness can be sealed. Units are equipped with a thermostat that accurately controls the temperature from 30 ° to 550 °F (0 ° to 300 °C). Both jaws are heated simultaneously so there is a better heat penetration to seal thicker materials. The sealers include an adjustable worktable. The pedestal stand is


26". An optional 36" stand is also available.


Easy to operate:

Set the temperature on the thermostat for the material to be sealed. Once the correct setting has been reached, consistent seals will be maintained automatically. Insert the material between the two sealing bars. Press down on the

footboard and release.

MESHED JAWS (Standard): 15mm (horizontal & vertical lines); 8", 12", or 16": THS-200, THS-300, THS-400


TEFLON-COATED MESHED JAWS: 15mm (horizontal & vertical lines); 8", 12", or 16": THS-200TC, THS-300TC, THS-400TC


SERRATED JAWS:15mm (horizontal lines); 12": THS-300S

10mm jaw is also available for replacement
Size Model# Description Watts Wt.*
8 THS-200 8 Direct Heat Sealer 250w 38 9
8 THS-200TC 8 Direct Heal Sealer, Teflon-coated 250w 38 9
12 THS-300 12 Direct Heat Sealer 350w 43 9
12 THS-300TC 12 Direct Heat Sealer, Teflon-coated 350w 43 9
12 THS-300S 12 Direct Heat Sealer, Serrated 350w 43 9
16 THS-400 16 Direct Heat Sealer 420w 48 9
16 THS-400TC 16 Direct Heat Sealer, Teflon-coated 420w 48 9
  *Sealer ships in 2 packages.        

A 3-Line mountable imprinter is an available option.

It mounts on the upper jaw of the sealer. Seal and print in one single operation.

Ribbon colors available: black, blue, white, red, & gold.

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the vast variety we offer, finding the correct machinery for your needs can sometimes be confusing. We recommend that you contact us before buying any machinery or replacment parts, so we can assist you in the most efficient way possible. This will help both parties avoid the return process, as well as save you time in finding exactly what you need. Please contact us with any questions or concerns! **

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