14 inch X 14 inch Digital Shipping Scale (Cap: 300lbs, Accuracy = 0.1lbs)

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Product Description

14" X 14" Digital Shipping Scale (Cap: 300lbs, Accuracy = 0.1lbs)
  • Heavy duty
  • UPS WorldShip® compatible via RS-232 port
  • Digital remote weight display
  • Full TARE feature
  • 30 year manufacturers warranty

HD-300 is a heavy duty shipping scale that is durable and designed for shipping, weight checking, and light industrial uses. A built in RS-232 computer port accompanied with a 6ft RS-232 cable allows you to use the HD-300 scale as a standalone unit or with the UPS WorldShip® software (not included).

Rugged design makes this unit a proven winner for warehouses everywhere. The painted steel weighing platform is easy to clean and provides long lasting durability. The painted steel resists rust and corrosion.

Adjustable rubber feet keep this scale stable and level on all surfaces.

Weight display is a digital remote with a 6ft cable allowing for easy reading especially for large packages. The tare button on the weight display can be pressed to zero out the weight on the scale especially if you are adding more weight or getting separate weights of multiple items.

30 Year Manufacturers Warranty - Please ask us for manufacturers warranty information

HD-300 Digital Scale Specs



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