16" x 20" Bag Drop Sealer w/ Bag Opener

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Product Description

The SS-615 Drop Sealer works with the Bag Opener in one compact, portable complete packaging solution. An operator simply loads a stack of header bags into the bag magazine on Bag Opener, a self- generating blower forces air into the bag for easy loading. Once filled, the bag is stripped forward and the next bag pops open. The operator simply allows the filled bag to slide down the Drop Sealer to a set of holding pins pre-adjusted for the bag length. A photo eye activates the pneumatically powered seal bar to close, sealing the bag. As the bag is sealed a cutting bar strips away excess material above the seal. The seal bar automatically opens and a jet of air clears away the scrap. The holding pins retract allowing the sealed package to slide off the machine then automatically return to the up position and the machine is ready for the next package.


  • Will Seal up to 10 mil thickness including folds.
  • Flat band ribbon produces a 1/8 inch wide seal.
  • Independent seal temperature and seal time control (Dual Controls)
  • Instant Hand Wheel Adjustment for changing location of seal bag
  • Adjustable table depth and angles to accommodate most product sizes
  • Round Wire Cuts off excess bag
  • Pneumatic Seal Bar with Air Eject. This Air Jet blows scrap away.
  • Cycle Speed of 25 CPM or more, depending on size and bag thickness


  • All metal Chassis with stainless steel contact parts
  • Blower motor with Air Volume Control
  • Adjustable product guides
  • Bags to 16 inches wide (Larger models are available to 22 inches wide)
  • Rapid replacement of bags into magazine holder (using Wicketed Bags)

NOTE: The SS-615 Drop Sealer and Bag Opener can be ordered separately.


  • MODEL: SS-615/1620 COMBO
  • SEAL WIDTH: 16 Inches
  • MAX JAW OPENING: 6 Inches
  • MAX BAG WIDTH: 16 Inches
  • COMBO MACHINE DIMENSIONS: 65 L. x 26 W. x 40 H. Inches
  • VOLTAGE: 110 Volts 10 Amps
  • SHIPPING WEIGHT: 275 lbs.

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