17" Stainless Steel Heat Plate Hand Wrappers

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17" Stainless Steel Heat Plate Hand Wrappers


  • Metal construction: aluminum alloyed plated for cleaniness & ease of maintenance
  • Body is Galbarium steel plated to prvent rust accumulation
  • Resinous roller including carbon for electrostatic prevention
  • PTFE-coated heat blade that cuts the wrapping film (PVC or polyolefin) without fumes
  • Electrostatic thermostatic for maintaining temperature settings
  • PTFE-coated heat plate

Our UU-550 hand wrappers are used for packaging food to preserve freshness and appearance while extending shelf life.  Unit is constructed of stainless steel for cleanliness and ease of maintenance.  The hand wrapper is equipped with an electric heat blade to cut the wraping film without fumes.  The heated PTFE plate provides a tight seal.

Easy to operate.  Plug in power supply and push the main switch to "ON."  The pilot lamp will light up.  Wait several minutes for the blade and plate to warm up.  Use the thermostat to control the temperature of the heat plate.  Put the package on the work table, draw the film, and warp the package with film extending to the bottom.  Pull the film forward and cut using the heat blade by pushing down.  Press cut film against bottom of the package.  Fold down the edges of the film by hand and press the entire package bottom against the heat plate.

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