20 inch I-Bar Sealer w/ film roller, Round Wire for Cut & Seal

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20" I-Bar Sealer w/ film roller, Round Wire for Cut & Seal

W-Series I Bar Sealers are ideal for shrink wrap packaging as the sealers are accompanied with a ROUND wire for cut and seal applications. I-Bar Sealers w/ Cutters have a flat element and sliding blade to make bags out of poly tubing. For shrink wrap packaging only, refer to the I-bar without the cutter.

W-Series I-bar sealers come in an ivory color.Lengths that are available:14", 20", 26", 30" and 35" lengths with a round or 2.7mm seal width. We also carry I-Bar Sealers with cutters.Cutting lengths are 2 shorter than the sealing lengths.The blade cuts 5/8from the seal. Manufacturer's replacement kit comes with 3 round elements and 2 PTFE adhesives. (A blade is included in the cutter models).

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the vast variety we offer, finding the correct machinery for your needs can sometimes be confusing. We recommend that you contact us before buying any machinery or replacment parts, so we can assist you in the most efficient way possible. This will help both parties avoid the return process, as well as save you time in finding exactly what you need. Please contact us with any questions or concerns! **

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