24 Inch Foot Sealer with Cutter & Film Roller, 2.7mm Seal

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24 Inch Foot Sealer with Cutter & Film Roller, 2.7mm Seal      Replacement Kit Sold Here
WNR-600FC is a 24åÓ Foot operated impulse sealer with a 3mm sealing element and slide cutter made by WN. 24åÓ size foot sealers with a 3mm flat wire and slide cutter are used to make bags manually at high volume. Foot sealers are a quicker alternative to hand sealers giving operators hands free foot operation ability. 18åÓ Foot sealers with a slide cutter are great for industries in plastic bag manufacturing, and industries that handle various sizes of plastics. Industries commonly used in are manufacturing, food, medical, small businesses, military, electronic, home and hardware. Impulse sealers active heat only when jaws are pressed completely making it quick, easy to use and energy efficient.
Included: 2 (3mm) element wires 1 Blade, Work table and roller rack
Available:10-12 Weeks after ordered, Roll Stock Plastic

**Cutting area is less than sealing area.  SHIPS BY FREIGHT ONLY.**

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the vast variety we offer, finding the correct machinery for your needs can sometimes be confusing. We recommend that you contact us before buying any machinery or replacment parts, so we can assist you in the most efficient way possible. This will help both parties avoid the return process, as well as save you time in finding exactly what you need. Please contact us with any questions or concerns! **

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