24 inch x 32 inch L-Bar Sealer w/film roller, Round Wire for Cut & Seal

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Product Description

24" x 32" L-Bar Sealer w/ Film Roller, Round Wire for Cut & Seal

YC-Series L-Bar sealers are blue colored. The first number in the model number denotes the vertical length of the sealing bar. Manufacturers replacement kit includes 2 elements, 1 washer, 1 hook, and 1 spring. Sealer also comes complete with either the YC-450WR or YC-600WR work table w/film roller.

The YC-Series L-Bar Sealers are designed for easy and quick shrink wrap packaging. One step cuts and seals film up to 24 wide depending on the model of the sealer. The durable steel construction ensures durability and quality. Sealing time is controlled by an electronic timer. Included: Work table which includes a film separator, twin perforating hole punchers, and a film roller.

Easy to operate: Set the timer. Insert the product between two layers of centerfold film and press down on the sealing bar. Slightly pull the package away from the machine. The element wire will seal the edge and cut off the film. Apply hot air using a heat fun to shrink film tightly around the package.

This sealer comes in two packages. Shipping surcharges may apply.


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