55-Piece Computer Tool Kit In Black Vinyl Zipper Case

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Get computer repairs done more easily with this essential tool kit! Designed to fit every need from basic computer and peripheral maintenance to full-service repairs. Features unique 2-in-1 nut socket that offers metric and standard measurement sizes in one bit. Sizes include 3/16"-5mm, 1/4"-6mm, 5/16"-8mm, 11/32"-9mm and 3/8"-10mm. Kit also includes bit holder, fully flexible 6-piece ratchet driver (3-way path) and an assortment of screwdrivers, pliers and wire strippers. All tools are demagnetized to prevent damage to computers, peripherals and magnetic media. Conveniently stored in a vinyl zippered case to keep organized and close at hand; measures 7" x 13 1/8" closed.

Package Includes: One volt meter, one pair of diagonal wire strippers, one pair of wire crimpers/strippers, one pair of diagonal cutters, one pair of long-nose pliers, one ratcheting bit driver, one ratchet-driver adapter bit, one bit holder, one 0.18"/5mm 2-in-1 combo socket, one 1/4"/6mm 2-in-1 combo socket, one 0.31"/8mm 2-in-1 combo socket, one 0.34"/9mm 2-in-1 combo socket, one #0 Phillips bit, one #2 Phillips bit, one T8 Torx bit, one T10 Torx bit, one T15 Torx bit, one T20 Torx bit, one T27 Torx bit, one T10H Torx bit, one T15H Torx bit, one #1 Pozi bit, one #4 slot bit, one #6 slot bit, one S0 square bit, one S1 square bit, one S2 square bit, one S3 square bit, six precision screwdrivers, one precision pen knife, one three-claw parts retriever/extractor, one chip extractor, one flashlight with two AA batteries, one container of assorted spare parts, six cable ties, one antistatic/antishock wrist band, one small brush, four delicate-surface wipes, one roll of insulated electrical tape and one vinyl case

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