Experienced Janitorial Sales Position United States

Experienced Janitorial/ Packaging Sales Position

United States


To qualify for this position you must have at least 2 years of experience in either the Packaging and/ or Janitorial Supplies Industries.  You must have a current book of business that you can start to move to our company.  This position can be anywhere in the US.  We have national suppliers and will commit to a minimum of a 3PL to work out of as we are building up the market in that area.  The following are the additional skill sets we believe you should have:

Desired Skill Set:

- Understanding of all aspects of the sales process: prospecting, cold calling, appointment setting, face-to-face presentations, negotiations, closing and account management.

- Ability to follow a system

- Microsoft Office including (not limited to) Outlook, Excel, Word

- Experience with CRM program(s)

- Exceptional time management skills / Organized

- Above average written and verbal communication skills

- Ability to work independently as well as with a team

- Quick witted/Fast on their feet/common sense

- Company centric / Give and Take constructive criticism

- Reliable and committed


Responsibilities include (not limited to):

- Territory/prospect development

- Follow Company Systems

- Attend weekly company meetings

- Tracking/Order Processing/Account management

- 40+ hours a week/Monday-Friday

- This will be an extremely independent position until we build up business in your territory.



- Guaranteed Monthly Minimum – this is negotiable based on sales history with previous employer

- Monthly allowance/reimbursement programs

Car: $400 a month allowance

Cell: Up to $100 reimbursed

Medical Insurance: Up to $500 reimbursed for out of pocket medical insurance

- Monthly Commission program

45% of gross margin after monthly minimum is reached

- Paid holidays, Personal/Sick Days

- Paid vacation after 1 year


We are always looking for great quality people with industry experience.  So please send a cover letter and resume to careers@stockpkg.com and we will contact you right away.  Cover letter should outline the products that you have focused on and your last 2 years of verifiable sales revenues.  If you are unable to work out of one of our existing market centers, we would look at adding a market center in your area.  This position could easily lead into a sales manager position if you are interested.

Our goal with this position is to incubate the business out of a 3PL and see if we can develop the market and turn it into a full fledge Market Center in a very short period.  In these cases, we pay a better split as you can see we are giving over our normal 35% split because the lack of infrastructure in the area.