Machine Stretch Film, 20in x 5000ft, 80g, Clear

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SKU: SPKG-20-80-5000
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Product Description

Machine stretch films are extremely versatile, strong, designed for high performance stretch wrap equipment and applications seeking higher tensile strengths, puncture resistance, cling, slip and load retention. Machine stretch films are designed to cover a broad range of high performance applications. These performance plus cast stretch films provide excellent load retention, puncture resistance and greater cost efficiencies compared to other stretch films of like gauge and attributes. Delivering both the puncture resistance and load containment properties seen with traditional stretch film, this technology offers customers an opportunity to significantly reduce their hand stretch consumption as well as overall cost. Diameter of inner core is standard at 3 inches. This top quality virgin polyethylene stretch wrap offers outstanding load protection, including having up to 300% stretch capacity. Our high clarity Machine Stretch Film also allows you to label and identify your products easily. Stores up to one year from shipment, under normal warehouse conditions. The smooth release of our quality wrap will allow you to package your loads with ease. These products will provide you with excellent Stretch Wrap without compromising cost or quality. This product is not FDA approved for direct food contact and does not come with a handle.

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