Motorized Conveyor - Conveyor Width 11.8” x 51.2”

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Product Description

This MC-300 Motorized Conveyor can be used in accumulation systems or with ink jet coding applications. This conveyor can be used to transport a wide variety of equipment. The MC-300 is equipped with adjustable speed control, has a maximum loading weight of 55lbs, and has an adjustable guides to help transport items.

Product Details

  • Durable.
  • Equipped with adjustable speed control.
  • Can be used to transport a wide variety of equipment.
  • Adjustable guides to help transport items.
  • Max loading weight - 55lbs.
  • Easy to operate and install.

Item Specifications

  • Power: 110V/60Hz
  • Conveyor Width: 11.8" (300mm)
  • Conveyor Length: 51.2" (1300mm)
  • Conveyor Height: 27.8" - 31.5"
  • Speed: 0 - 375ft/min (0-23m/min)
  • Weight: 113LBS

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