Semi-Auto, Color Ribbon Dry Ink Heat Imprinter (Type – 2 x 4 x 14mm)

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Semi-Auto, Color Ribbon Dry Ink Heat Imprinter (Type - 2 x 4 x 14mm)

The HP-280 semiautomatic table-top imprinter is the perfect unit for anyone looking for an affordable imprinter that is quick and easy to use.  The HP-280 imprinter uses colored imprinting ribbon and prints clearly on soft packaging materials.  The resulting imprint dries instantly and works great in humid environments.  On the automatic mode, the printing speed can be set with a control knob and ranges from 20-70 imprints/minute. On the foot-controlled mode, the imprinting is controlled by using the foot pedal switch. Ribbon up to maximum width of 35mm can be used. Equipped with vertical and horizontal guides. Pressure of imprinting can be adjusted easily. It has 3 line imprinting and each line can hold 14 letters or numbers.  We also carry a four line imprinter...please ask us for more information.


  • 1 - roll of ribbon
  • 3 sets of number typesets (0-9)
  • 1 set of "MFG", "EXP", "LOT"
  • 3 Allen wrenches
  • 2 fuses
  • 1 heat tube
  • 1 O-ring

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