Shrink Wrapping Kit with 12 inch Hand Sealer, Heat Gun, and 6 x 6.5 POF Shrink Bags

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Shrink Wrapping provides your product with a tamper-proof, high clarity package that protects against the various dangers that may come from dust, dirt, debris, oil, and moisture. Shrink wrapping also provdes a phenomenal resource for those who need to re-package opened items, such as retail return or manufacturer defects. To shrink wrap your items, all you is need is shrink bags (or film), a sealer, and a heat source. This Shrink Wrapping System conveniently provides all three items for those who are just getting started or want a high value replacement option. 

Kit Includes:
  • F-Series Hand Sealer with a Round Cut Wire
  • 500 Shrink Bags
  • Heat Gun
Easy to Operate: 
  • Insert Product in Shrink Bag
  • Seal and Cut the Shrink Bag by Lowering Sealing Arm
  • Use the Heat Gun to Shrink the Bag Around Your Item

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the vast variety we offer, finding the correct machinery for your needs can sometimes be confusing. We recommend that you contact us before buying any machinery or replacment parts, so we can assist you in the most efficient way possible. This will help both parties avoid the return process, as well as save you time in finding exactly what you need. Please contact us with any questions or concerns! **

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