Voice Tracer 8010 Digital Recorder, 8 Gb, Gold/silver

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Capture every meeting in excellent, noise-free audio quality. The innovative full radius meeting recorder captures everyoneåÕs ideas in excellent audio quality no matter where they are seated at the table. The meeting microphoneåÕs boundary layer design uses dynamic acoustic pressure to provide excellent sound and recording quality with a full 360 sound pick-up. The built-in motion sensor detects the recorder when it is placed on a desk or held and selects the microphone sensitivity to suit the recording situation preventing you from accidently blocking the audio you want to record. The pre-recording function allows you to record the last five seconds before you press the record key, allowing you to spontaneously record important parts of a conversation. The large color display offers sharp images, making it easier to see and read everything at first glance. The included wireless remote control enables convenient placement of the recorder to best meet the needs of the audio environment while maintaining ease of operation.

Package Includes: 360 meeting microphone, stereo headphones, wireless remote control, carry case, USB cable and quick start guide

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